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Digital 2D Artist working towards developing his own IP and creating Comics (Series and One-offs). Website: Subscribestar:
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Creator in Exile. Director and Creator of Dungeon Crawlers. Previous/current works: Forsaken gods, Bikini cowboy, Winghead. Previous Clients include: Nickelodeon, Dreamworks, Disney, Cartoon Network, Warner Bros. Apolitically affiliated.

Senior 3Dartist / Character artist / Digital sculptor currently working in video games. Fastest man alive.

Co-founder of BitBeamCannon. Experienced Game Artist/Developer creating retro games. Environment/UI artist for RetroMania Wrestling.

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Webcomic Artist Author of LOSTLAND

The official Minds account of Dark Titan Entertainment. The home of the Dark Titan Universe Saga, The Haunted City, EverWar Universe, Symbolum Venatores, Frightened!, Instincts, and more. Website: Apparel/Merchandise: Dark Titan Direct e-bookshop:

Hi! I make illustrations and character designs.

A Freelance Artist/Illustrator with a great love for God and videogames. I'm currently working on a comic called Bound in Ink, Born of Stars! Portfolio: Ko-fi: Insta: Tumblr:

Hi! I make art and that's it ^_^ Feel free to peruse or chat! | Find me on Twitter @NinjaTogepi1214 also!

christian conservative. character designer and comic maker guy. friend to turtles. business: [email protected] |

Hello, I'm Trisynine ⸎ I make weird art and music ⸎ @Spaaatium is an idiot ⸎

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Jun 2021
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