Drew Touhou most of the time. Sometime I share my arts under open content license on my website. Not sure if it will be useful tho. Pixiv : Twitter : Fedi: ko-fi : Website :

I'm a creative guy who got into drawing a while ago All the things I upload are probably going to be my drawings/creations. I still have a long way to learn but at least im pretty happy with how I am right now.^-^ I am accepting Commissions! Check my twitter for more info!!

Hola, me deesu~ An Inactive Animator, and A Wattpad Writer.. Check out my forum profile :

Minds' favorite /ourgirl/ Don't be fooled, I am the official Minds-chan #MindsChan not an artist

Digital Art, Anime, Manga, Videogames

Juicy Benjamin
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I share books I'm reading, sometimes I have tips for others on Minds, sometimes I'm political and sometimes I'm just trying to be funny. I'm #Mewing and you should too. I listen to what people may call Emo, I call it pop punk. But I have a very broad taste, so I listen to plenty of other genres as well when I feel like it. But lately for the past 2-3 months I've almost exclusively listened to Norwegian Russe Music by TIX

I post up my animations here on Minds but, I usually post other Minds artist here aswell. Make sure to subscribe to them if you're into their art. Any type of support helps em out. ETH: 0x484e2E6D37f2b7E4dE795e47d30D8bF4D6475aB6 Send your ERC-20's here to support me! ADA: addr1qy7l5t8n8whng230k620yxa8suzg9ww7phuzy2dja2w57kpawh659y7wjqjdwrx3l3zuxhldlm7z3jp8uxpvqtqc0xusz2xj86 send your ADA here to also support me!

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