Drew Touhou most of the time. Sometime I share my arts under open content license on my website. Not sure if it will be useful tho. Pixiv : Twitter : Fedi: ko-fi : Website :

i am not trying to be found by people who i know, but here are some of my interests anyway: anime, cosplay, kigurumi, ball jointed dolls, conventions, anime figures, contemporary japanese art, itasha, jfashion, and occasionally i read manga or play video/mobile games (mainly rhythm). i was told there is freedom of speech here, so hopefully this website doesnt ban me. we'll see i guess.

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hi call me izzy! migrated from twitter to look at brick tweets pro-fiction, pro-ship I enjoy cute things and art. art is my forever passion. please let me know if you want to talk about art.

I finally got what I wished for

At Geeks Love Detail, you'll find some of the best hand-picked articles from across the Techi-verse. Owner and Founder of Geeks Love Detail and the GLD Network Email: [email protected] Riot contact in link below Discord: # techie3190

Update: we're a shit posting and freedom loving channel. We don't care about your feelings only facts. If you have thin skin or are commie / democrat this is not the place for you. Also if you don't like naked women go somewhere else. Too Busy For Women (TBFW)is a MGTOW channel who's goals are to share a sampling of hobbies / activities men can do once they've taken the Red Pill. TBFW will not talk about the dangers of women, there is a ton of other MGTOWs who can and do explain it better then TBFW can. We here at TBFW are going to share what we do with all the new free time and resources we now have.

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It's fun to scan the comments section

I draw manga and anime stuff, speak 4 languages (English, Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese) and am currently saving money to study abroad in Japan!

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