Entertainer, YouTuber, Generally Terrible at Gaming... But I love it!
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Welcome to the official Minds channel! Thank you for supporting Internet freedom. Here are some helpful links to get you started: Learn about tokens - Upgrade your channel - Read our docs - FAQ - Content policy - Royalty Free Music Producer since 2010. People use my music for all sorts of things, like videos and games and films. And they even listen to my music in their free time. :)

Memes Supremacy ! The Guy is a Great Capturer 馃摳. Analyst, Crypto Believer, Traveller 馃彇 A mixture of motivation, food , nature, culture, fun etc lol馃お almost everything in my posts . My tastes are mixed 馃槑

I'm a lover of God, a philanthropist, an optimist and a selfless being.. Work with me let's give the world a better meaning while we work towards perfection.. #GREATMINDS

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Gaming content creator. Panel member of TXR Podcast. Talk about gaming news, do livestreams and more!

Follow back I love nature + photography

hello, I'm a Gaming YouTuber looking to make it big. I enjoy what I do and hope to make it into my living with hard work

Yo y'all I'm Tigman Host of MegaCringeGaming and I just record and stream me playing games because I can. Also we all need a hobby.

I just make gaming videos and talk about anime I guess.

Hello! My name is Siperos and I'm a Finnish let's player who started this hobby in October 2016. I play mostly old school adventure games as well as CRPGs and boomer shooter FPS games once in a while! I also make 'review'-videos of adventure games as well.

Hello! My name is Alpha, I play and stream various games on different platforms. I also have opinions and thoughts which i Voice on occasion!

Aug 2019
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