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Multidisciplinary artist, musician, and creative explorer. With a unique perspective on the dance of nature and the infinite spiral, Withinthevacuum's work transcends traditional boundaries, fusing art, music, and research to create captivating experiences. Visit the W8W Creative Hub: https://www.minds.com/group/1533662279625609229/latest
πŸŸ£πŸ’‘ SuperMind me for some dope graphics in blender! πŸŸ£πŸ’‘ SuperMind me to prototype a web3 project for you! πŸŸ£πŸ’‘ SuperMind me to help you set up a Decent Smart Home! ------------------------------πŸ’‘---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ___πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎ__________πŸ₯•πŸ‡πŸͺž___________________________________πŸ… ------------------------------------------------------------thejollylama.eth.limo -------------- copy and paste, no time to waste, make haste, i'm late i'm late for an important date, through the gate, we musn't wait, the winds of change whisper our names, burn or earn, it's just a game, i do it for the luv, not for the fame, tokin' not token - that's my exchange, beans not green, that's how I change, hope not dope, that's where my gain's, depression's a mofo, but dimples make waves β˜„οΈ Check out the Decent Smart Homes group to help us all decentralize our home data and homesteading techniques in the upcoming years and decades! Join the Cool Minds CafΓ© to meet with other brilliant Minds around the coffee table and help plan the future - and even dig up the past! #CoolMindsCafe #growbetter2gether #decentsmarthomes #blenderbender #subvertisement https://decentagency.space/public/#!/DecentHomes
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:: Connect * Collaborate * Create :: It's about the power of will, first your individual will and then the collective will. A calling, to a universal giggle .. getting louder and louder! :: This giggle to us is a call to action :: and we can hear it loud and clear! We promote power in choosing something collaboratively without trappings of a hive-mind. Here we encourage other artists to be themselves, further develop their name aka brand, while also contributing to the open art collaborative that is the Infinite Imaginarium or #Imaginarium :: We Believe :: Building sustainability should be cultivated in an art community by mutual respect, trust, and willingness to be vulnerable while we continue to grow, we all ask for help from each other.. so please don't be shy! And in.. a kind of self-management, wholeness and evolutionary purpose that together help create the richness needed to perfect the soil of our imaginarigarden of creativity :: We invite you to reach out :: if you have questions, would like to be interviewed or featured by all means, email us links and any accompanying bio! :: Podcast :: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZe95H1B_pl-CzV_NpUYJO-_hBvESqtD1 :: E-mail Us :: [email protected] :: ii ART GROUP :: https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/604673111018713103/activity
Nov 2021
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