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Yayo Short: Archive (Outdated)

YayoOct 9, 2018, 11:56:20 PM

Here is a List of all my released Short stories featuring the weird, eccentric, quite straight-forward and quirky Yayo (Links included):

Yayo Short 1: Thus saith the Lord thy God: sell ye not vessels full of soft drinks, but barns full of coconuts; or how not to build chairs out of straws.

Yayo Short 2: Never spell "elohssa" backwards; or don't buy pills from doctors in alleyways

Yayo Short 3: The legend of the chronicles of the lord of the "generic fantasy realm name."

Yayo Short 4: Art Galleries and Monsters in basements

Yayo Short 5: How not to tell a Story & Art Gallery Part 2

Yayo Short 6: A Walk at Night

Yayo Short 6.5: Intervention

Yayo Short: Prelude to Intervention

Yayo Short 7: Season of Ice

Yayo Short 8: Holy Holiness of hollow phone calls

Yayo Short 9: A Wet Ordeal

Yayo Short Quickie 1

Yayo Short Quickie 2

Yayo Short 10: There is something to say about a good Tea

Yayo Short Quickie 3

Yayo Short Quickie 4

Yayo Poem 1

Yayo Short Quickie 5

Yayo Short 11: Eat like a Fool

Yayo Poem 2, 3, 4, 5

Yayo Short 12: Forests of Money

Yayo Short Quickie 6

Internal Document Leak (SCP 864)

Yayo Short 13: A Story about Nothing in Particular

Yayo Short 14: FatCon 2019

Yayo Short Quickie 7

Yayo Short 15: The Book of Yayo (Excerpts Edition)

Yayo Short 16: Incoherence in the Bathroom

And here is a List of all my released Short stories featuring the timid, polite, quite curious and petite Yukipo (Links included):

Yukipo Short 1: Foresting for your Soul (Audiobook)

Yukipo Short 2: Construction of the Inner Being

Yukipo Short 3: Noxious Guts

Yukipo Short 4: Heart of Sludge

Yukipo Chronicles: 4 in 1 (Improved Collection)



A Discovery of inconvenient Proportions

Chapter 1: Grave digging for Dummies



Yayo vs. Yukipo I: Dawn of Philosophy


The Book of Yayo (Parody of Holy Scripture)

Page 23 Verse 18

Page 23 Verse 19

Page 50 Verses 7 - 10

I will be updating the Lists every time a new short has been released.

Lists are sorted by release date.

Note: The Character of Yayo, my Yayo that is, is a fictionalized Version of a combination of my personal emotions and experiences and an Anime Character by the same name. I use Yayo primarily for short burst comedic written sketches, only loosely connected with each other.

Note #2: The Character of Yukipo was also inspired by her Anime counter-part, but I use her as a contrast to my version of Yayo. The Characters personality is in some parts mine, while their Looks is heavily taken from their Anime originals. I use Yukipo primarily for narratively driven short stories, which are, so far, connected with each other.

Kind of like an advanced version of a Fan Fiction. (=^▽^=)


Fictional Stories not related to Yayo or Yukipo

Cold, but not Dead (Audiobook)

Yayo's Dune: A Comedic Rewriting


The Monstrosity of Valendorf

Porridge & Chips


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