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I'm an independant music and video producer. Born and raised in France, now living in UK. I produce mainly electronic music (techno/soft techno) and I make mainly videos for my youtube channel (tutorials, experiments, challenges) but I don't limit myself to this content. "Woochia" is my personnal project, my laboratory.
illustrator, photographer, inspirations seeker
Acoustic/Pop First Album "Abiotic" available on every digital platforms
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Bella Volen is Vienna-based professional fine artist, who works world wide as an artist and art instructor. Bella works with different medias as cooks use different flavors. Her focus is mainly in canvas painting and human transformations through body painting, photography and video, but she does also murals, performance, installations, stage design, stage costumes and book illustrations. In 2009 after a trip to Shanghai, Bella came up with an idea and this idea became a new art form and direction called: Paintloon- there where balloon sculpting meets paint.
Live Production. Electronic Soul. Not shackled to any one sound, Meraqi's music begins live, weaving together glitchy electronics with soulful songwriting, powerful hooks and instrumental prowess. Deep bass, haunting vocals and grass-roots grooves meet in a kaleidoscopic musical experience falling somewhere between a sweaty underground rave and a smoky late-night vinyl discovery. http://www.meraqi.co.uk
its all about 3d content from various artists
Documentaires sur un Monde qui change, vos armes de destruction massives contre l'ignorance! Documentary about a World That change, your weapons of mass destruction against ignorance! Open your Minds ! check thumbnail history "view more"
Mar 2016
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