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We Travel The World

We Give HealthAug 30, 2018, 10:19:33 AM

   Try to imagine. You are sick for the last nine years, according to the doctors predictions you have last two years on this beautiful planet. You are young, in love, full of dreams and you have the desire to live. Now, you should say goodbye, lose your life and everybody and everything what you love. Even if you have such a big pain which makes you rather give up. But I said NO! I said to myself I will be healthy! I want!

   Those who read my story can know how everything was hard to me and you know how much we wanted see the world but I couldn't, I was ill. It was too dangerous for me to go somewhere. For example, traveling to Asia and be exposed to foreign viruses and bacteria could kill me. And if you can't have something, you want it even more!

   So, two months from the moment when I started to walk again, finding the strength, we decided to travel to the Azores, islands of never-ending spring, in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. This was my first recovery journey after many years of illnesses. I breathed fresh ocean air, bathed in the thermal springs, ate only fresh vegetables and fruits, occasionally marine fishes and I was drinking the water rising from the mountains. It was perfect for me and for Tom certainly, too.

   Thanks to this experience we started to find our health back. We started to learn how to live healthily and we connected more and more with nature. This gave us the direction where we want to travel. We mainly travel to countries where we can find health and ourselves and where we can connect with nature which we love.

   After Azores and with the experience and knowledge of techniques how to heal ourselves we decided to travel the world. On our travels, we had an idea to show people in the world how to eat and live healthy. Not only at home, but on your travels, too. To show a completely different perspective/angle on life.

   Up to this day we've visited many countries like Azores, Costa Rica, France, Spain, Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, India, United Arab Emirates and many others and we seek for things which can bring us a glowing & strong health.

   I finished all the travels in a good health, free from disease and without any vaccination. Because - as you may know from my story - I was seriously ill after getting vaccination. Now, I can't receive any other vaccine and I don’t even want to. I trust to our Mother Earth and our nature from which we all come from.

   We hope you will enjoy our blog that will bring the light & health to your lives.

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   Elie & Tom ♡