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About Tom

We Give HealthAug 30, 2018, 11:20:55 AM

   Hello everyone, I'm happy that you are reading this blog, it probably means we have some common interest. I would like to introduce myself in this post.

   My name is Tomas. For some reason everyone calls me Tom and I'm here to bring something beautiful to this world. I think we all need to collectively build this world into a better place. There is huge space and lot of work can be done. In fact, we can be fully employed by doing something what is good for all. Forever.

   We can focus on our everyday actions, starting from our breakfast for example. Will you eat sausage or an apple, fresh and sweat? Drink coffee or (coconut) water? Watch TV or be creative and don't accept everything they tell us? Will we buy a new car every 3 years or will we use the one we can still use? Will we say something beautiful instead of hateful?

   Those are the actions that create our world.

   We can easily transform this planet right now. I believe we can make this world beautiful, peaceful and safe for everyone within 10 years if we collectively do the right choices.

   Solutions to our problems are very simple:

     1. We should start planting edible trees, herbs, fruits and nuts everywhere.

     2. This will create an abundance of basically free food if we plant it well. (see permaculture)

     3. Forests keep the water. Water means life. Would you believe that the Middle East was full of forests few thousand years ago?

   Planting edible trees will dramatically change our society. If the science tell us "we came from monkeys", I would suppose we are connected with trees in some way. Like dolphin and water or so. Everything will change. Believe me.


      - trees make a better mood to all of us,

      - flowers make a better mood to women,

      - food makes a better mood to men.

   Everyone can contribute in his or her way, everyone is valuable. Every little action counts. You don't have to change your habits completely in one day. There is no need for this and it would be probably counterproductive. Just take the first step - think about it.

   I want to tell you my vision, because if enough people see this vision, it will become a reality. It's that simple.

   Imagine the world where you can always be on holiday because you have a peace of mind. Imagine the world where birds sing around us. A world where you don't have to permanently hurry up. A world like this:

   We will create such a world by bringing an abundance to us. Our everyday environment must be full of abundance. We can use our high tech technology in combination with the wisdom of our ancestors.

   Imagine you are going home after work. And you cut some fresh herbs on the street and take few apples from the tree above them to make a beautiful lunch.

   Ah, and I forgot to write something about me... that always happen when I go into my visions. As I said, my name is Tom and I'm very lucky man because Elie shares all these visions with me. And I learn from her so much! I must say - I'm very proud of Elie and her pure and beautiful soul. She has done something what most people can't - to find a solution for a very difficult health problems. She also showed me a path to the light and I'm very grateful for that. I'm very logical and fact-oriented person. I would never believe that it is possible to be fully healthy with such a non-scientific approach like changing the diet and mind. However, I've tried everything she did. And you can see the photos of me before:

And after:

To make your own conclusions.