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"There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of the truth's protective layers. There are many places to go beyond belief. Those challenges are yours--in many fields, not the least of which is space, because there lies human destiny." ~ Neil Armstrong

Surrounded by idiots. Ruled by puppets. Meassured in money. Yeah, veggies are my besties!

I'm a husband, father, vegan, digital nomad & animal lover. I gave up on reality in Chicago and relocated with my wife to Spain several years ago without visiting or speaking Spanish. I'm based in Mallorca, Spain. I co-founded a boutique digital marketing agency with a business partner I never met in real life and together we've helped over 3K businesses in over 80 countries. We are completely decentralized and remote. 100% owned and our clients are investor in our business and we donate our services to nonprofit each month. If you're looking for a unicorn, look down at your hands, look up. Find a nonprofit making an impact and build the world together. I'm also a YouTuber open-sourcing digital marketing for anyone in the world to access. All for free to enable young entrepreneurs to build their business locally and not depend on outsourced exploitation.

hello and welcome to my channel! i am a drummer, photographer, educator (drumming - lessons), music creator, editor (logic pro x and cubase). what to expect: various content: - music - pictures - scenes of my life - free thoughts - serious and funny stuff the truth is not negotiable If you like my channel and you want to support it voluntarily, you can send me a donation(please write "voluntary donation" in the usage)thank you very much in advance!: - bitcoin:35J6KNnM1s8G9jVjfPan3goh4wyCNQ9td7 -

Compassion for all living beings in order to save the animals, the environment, our health and our spirits. Please join us!!!

Apr 2017
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