I Just want to go home.
I make music, art and film.
What is Agora Road? The name Agora Road is a way to pay tribute and it is a mixture of the two biggest drug markets on the Darkweb, the Silk Road and Agora Marketplace. I believe that people should be free to share information. It is human nature to keep information for themselves. We see this in common occult societies throughout our history from modern day freemasons, The Rosicrucians to the ancient Mystery schools of Egypt and ancient snake cults in the ancient world. The more transparent we become the more we will be able to be illuminated. What is Agora Road's Macintosh Cafe? It is A virtual plaza of the other side of the internet. As The deepwep is on asepect, vaporwave is the art that comes out of it. The Cafe is a virtual Plaza where new music lovers can enjoy vaporwave and all of its subgenres I have worked hard to research the internet to find old ascii text files and bring them back to life from the early 1980s-1990s of the internet. They deal with death, hacking, scamming, crime, & everything that you cannot find elsewhere. I am Also a huge fan of Vaporware Artist and will post the only the best Vaporware tracks on this site. I also love the 1980s/90s of the internet and try to make this site as nostalgic as it could be. This website also pays Tribute Ross Ulbricht A.K.A The Dread Pirate Roberts, Ross Ulbricht, creator and owner of the Silk Road website A great man who defy the authoritative government. He was a libertarian who ran the notorious dark web site Silk Road. It was the worlds largest darkweb website and it was a great big FUCK YOU to the rampant war on drugs. He is hero in my eyes but Atlas Ross Ulbricht got caught. He only wanted a Free Market society, free of government influence but the FBI got him. He is going to spend the rest of his young life in prison. This story saddens me that’s why I hope to live up to him by exposing the deepweb and find these taboo files and bring them to light. There are many websites dedicated to building cakes or flash photography. I wanted a site telling the story of the taboo nature of humanity, a true free marketplace of IDEAS. Consider making a donation at the Free Ross Fund
Sep 2016
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