I Just want to go home.
Ambient House merges a multitude of electronic styles, into a genre all its own. Retro stylized synths, accompanied by modern beautiful pads and textures arranged around unpredictable and clever melodies. Organic/analog sounding drums and percussion guide many of the compositions whether the track is upbeat and emotionally moving to tracks that sit in a melancholy realm. Dreamy and expansive ambient tracks that will transport you to worlds unknown, round out Ambient House’s ever evolving portfolio. Influenced and inspired by many, some notable mentions are the music of Pink Floyd, Chicane, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Tycho, Washed Out, Enimatik, Static Autumn Sunset, Moongem, Ben Bleckett and Noisy Sauce.
On the peripheries of your perceptions.
I am a cell, a humble node in the nexus of informational resistance. I have resolve, and I have teeth. (@Riot_Judah 's non-musical account) Contact (if you must): [email protected]
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Father of 2 beautiful kids and an bonus kid 👨‍👧‍👦👦🏼- Folkish Heathen 🐺 - Podcaster🎙 - Writer 📖- Europa Invicta 🏰 - Husband to my beautiful Frue @keebee0825 💍 - Jarl of The Greyhorn Pagans: #greyhornpagans #adventuresofbearandfae
Sep 2016
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