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It's true, productivity is up and the economy is booming! Welcome to the Golden Age of Propaganda! (Disclaimer: none of the pictures on this channel were made by us. Also, feel free to understand that most of the posts are humor, thank you!)

Xin anh gi峄 tr峄峮 l貌ng tin V岷玭 t脿 谩o tr岷痭g xinh xinh thu峄 n脿o Ch岷痗 anh th岷 d谩ng ng峄峵 ng脿o Nh矛n qua anh ng峄 em ch脿o th峄漣 trang Em 膽芒y tha th瓢峄泃 膽岷筽 sang C农ng t脿 谩o l峄 v岷玭 mang d峄媢 d脿ng 脕o em k岷縯 膽岷筽 hoa ng脿n Mai, Lan hay C煤c m茫i v脿ng y锚u th瓢啤ng Anh 啤i t矛nh n岷縰 c貌n v瓢啤ng 脕o d脿i em v岷玭 luy岷縩 th瓢啤ng trang 膽脿i L峄 ch霉a em kh岷 t矛nh d脿i Em qu峄 ch谩nh 膽i峄噉 kh茅p g脿i t脿 l啤i Xin th岷 u ch峄 ch啤i v啤i 脕o d脿i con m茫i gi峄 n啤i c峄 truy峄乶 Anh an t芒m ch峄 m脿 phi峄乶 Ki峄噓 hoa anh t峄沬 d芒u hi峄乶 v峄 ngoan Xu芒n v峄 anh r瓢峄沜 em sang 膼岷筽 duy锚n mai tr煤c ta vang ti岷縩g c瓢峄漣 Em t峄 th脿nh th峄 theo ng瓢峄漣 Nh瓢ng em v岷玭 gi峄 d谩ng ng峄漣 Vi峄噒 Nam! -------------------------------- C岷 啤n s峄 峄g h峄 c峄 c谩c b岷 v脿 xin vui l貌ng, 膼膬ng k媒 c谩c k锚nh n脿y: @NguoiThanhDat - N峄乶 t岷g tri th峄ヽ v峄 cu峄檆 s峄憂g hay nh岷 tr锚n Minds @Sexually - Phim 岷h 18+ hay nh岷 tr锚n Minds @JamesN - The best Gif picture on Minds @NguyenThiTrucQuyen @MonNgonHangNgay @ThienNhiTran @NgocBichNguyenThi @TieuDungThongMinh @TriMinhNguyen Thank you for your support and please, Subscribe to these channels: @NguoiThanhDat - The ultimate knowledge base on life in Minds @Sexually - Best 18+ Movies on Minds @JamesN - The best Gif picture on Minds @NguyenThiTrucQuyen @MonNgonHangNgay @ThienNhiTran @NgocBichNguyenThi @TieuDungThongMinh @TriMinhNguyen

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