Tree's are our ancestors. Who are you to cut them down?
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"What 1 generation tolerates in moderation, the next will practice in excess." "Nothing in excess." "Eve did not bite the apple. Adam did, that's why it is stuck in HIS throat." "Don't confuse gender neutralization for gender equality." P.S I f***ing LOVE my President!!

Big Old Donkey blocking the Produce Department. Send in Animal Control Unit. I only post my own original photography. I look at all the astounding and amazingly beautiful, weird and even common sights, realizing how special every cell, every atom is, much less the utterly incomprehensible totality of existence. I hope to capture some tiny measure of that awe and wonder with my photography. Thank you to all of you who like my photos and have subscribed to my channel. My flower photos are taken "en plein air" in natural light and are not staged.

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UNCENSORED NEWS FROM RUSSIA. To read source articles simply open them in Google Chrome - Right Click - Translate. YOUTUBE: #russia #news #politics #putin #media #trump #syria

Alex Rockdriguez
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Mexican interested in Tesla and DIY projects.

Los Angeles
Mar 2018
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