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Nobody Told Me There Would Be Days Like These

Everyone notices the fake news and protesters everywhere, but the question you should ask yourself is.. who makes it all happen? And that someone is George Soros.

I make a living playing on the street; slowly performing more and more concerts. This site existes to share with you.

Silver Fortune from YouTube Offering commentary on precious metals, the economy, politics, prepping, and more!

Not an influencer, just a guy with a podcast.

My profile content will be mostly Music-related,the hip hop culture to be specific,which include fashion,art,lyricism,the history behind it.All my lyric videos are self-made.Hip hop is more than a hobby to me and I take it serious and it is a savior to me.I invite anybody that shares my love for it to link up with me.Plus I started a group specifically called ground zero,dedicated to hip hop/battle rap's fiercest bars and disses. Check my YouTube for hip hop lyric videos

Aug 2017
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