The truth that I can discern thus far, but subject to change with new information. All donations greatly appreciated, but not required. Light the beacon.
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Raconteur, bon vivant, boulevardier, Libertarian conservative, NYT bestselling author and star of the new Netflix documentary "Get Me Roger Stone." VISIT:

• ᠌ ᠌ • ⎳ ▬ Yeah maybe I've been banned 15 times but at least I haven't been expelled from 109 countries. I am convinced that Black people are mk ultra Psyop sleeper cell agents and the word nigger is their trigger word to activate violent insurrection Give a white man a hammer and he will build you a civilization. Give a Chinaman a hammer and he will build you a million more. Give a black man a hammer and he will beat and rape your daughter. Give a Jew a hammer and he will put it in the hand of a black man. "First they came for the blacks – I said nothing. Then they came for the Jews – Still, I said nothing. Then they came for the Mexicans – Finally I said something: “Are you sure you got all the Jews?” "and that's when the mohel grabbed the baby and bit off its dick with his own mouth Moishe" jewsplaining kikesplaining cuntsplaining fagsplaining trannysplaining camelfuckersplaining blacksplaining nogsplaining dindusplaining spicsplaining chinksplaining soysplaining cucksplaining

Meme Creator/Connoisseur, Anti-PC, Egalitarian, Science Enthusiast, Freethinker, Classical Liberal

Do you like offensive jokes? Check out my videos, banned by Youtube - The easily offended will most likely be offended. I am a simple man. I enjoy the simple things in life as history, geopolitics, psychology, the arts, the literature, nature, beer & booze, music, exploring, human interactions, chilling with animals, dark humor, death and destruction. I support: free speech and myself.

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I am an observer of the interface between illusion and delusion and sometimes commenter with the view of expressing my interpretation via opinion for the satisfaction of my own ego's frustration at being ignored by me most the time. --- l --- Cogito ergo sum

Mark Collett is a British Nationalist and political activist who has been actively campaigning on a patriotic platform since the turn of the century. The former Head of Publicity for the British National Party and the man in charge of the BNP's successful GLA and European Election campaigns, Mark now works with a variety of groups and individuals within the UK and abroad.

Nov 2017
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