The Soul of the West
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This channel is devoted to destroying false narratives and "facts" that are used to destroy the "Soul" of Western Civilization/Western Culture. The solutions to revitalizing the "Soul" of the West can be found in the virtues, history, philosophy, moral/ethics, economics, spirituality, and psychology of the West. A lot of controversial topics will be brought up because the truth fears no investigation.
John Ottman
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Co-founder Minds, Inc.

Bill Ottman
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Co-creator & CEO @minds

You are what you eat and think

Jew Lies Matter
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Pan-Native Pan-European Pan-Survivalist, Anti-Abrahamic Pan-Anarchist, Pan-White Pan-Juche Pan-National Pan-Brocialist, Sperm-Restoring Pan-Spiritual Pan-Zalgoist Pan-Womanizer and Sex-Positive Pan-Traditionalist. we must retake planet earth from nonsense, All Proprietary Browsers are Surveillance Browsers, All Social Media CEOs must Sold All Social Networks into Kolyma Network, Most Anti-Sectarian Horror ARG on The Web

Who, What, When, Where, How and Why?           Always open to reception, critique, and communication         (Regarding the Rhymes # Series; please feel free to offer ideas for a possible title to your favorite piece. Should any title be particularly fitting or up voted significantly I will use it, also on future publishing perhaps)     Appreciate your appreciation       ~JMH Stone

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