The Soul of the West
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This channel is devoted to destroying false narratives and "facts" that are used to destroy the "Soul" of Western Civilization/Western Culture. The solutions to revitalizing the "Soul" of the West can be found in the virtues, history, philosophy, moral/ethics, economics, spirituality, and psychology of the West. A lot of controversial topics will be brought up because the truth fears no investigation.

Life is a miracle. It's a miracle I'm still alive.

Please visit my pro western civilization website Libertarian except about borders! Stop the fascists from stealing freedom of speech.

Does anybody even read these things?

Goth, death, doom, atmospheric, metal! Music, music and more music. I'm a scientist, engineer and Inventor I have a strong interest in alternative free and clean energy. I hate corruption at all levels corporate and government and do my best to expose it! Some dismiss my musings as conspiracy theory. Best keep your tin foil hat handy!

Life is an unpredictable dream. 

I do not exist to serve government. government exists to serve me. the democratic party went for a shit around the time they started hiring blacks and women. no co-incidence there... this is Confederate Territory here. if you are offended by that, go fuck

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May 2017
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