Hard-hitting political commentary from the right side of the aisle. I support free speech 100%, and I'm not afraid to say what needs to be said. I am the conservative monster under the Left's bed. Tune in to Trigger Warning Radio nearly every morning.
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What happens when only Black Holes remain in the Universe? Well, as their incredible gravity would summon, they collide. Needless to say, time is circular. Big Bang, Big Bang again. Therefore, it is mathematically inevitable that I will live your life, and you will live mine. Heaven and Hell are not places, they are perceptions of that time of the non-life between our mortal incarnations, the only differences being the love or fear of that blackest and most peaceful of sleep. To love life does not mean to fear death. You can love both, and therein is Heaven, and therein you too are also God. I want a pointless existence, I don't need a reason for my life. I delight in living, and will rest peacefully when the time comes.
Best Selling Author. Lover of hedgehogs & Freedom.
It's true, productivity is up and the economy is booming! Welcome to the Golden Age of Propaganda! (Disclaimer: none of the pictures on this channel were made by us. Also, feel free to understand that most of the posts are humor, thank you!)
PROPAGANDA FOR THE HEROIC AGE ↯ To survive you will need - brutal honesty - mental health - physical strength - heart to follow - self to develop - loyalty of your gang - sense of humor - joy in struggle - a burning need - nothing to lose.
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