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Unscrewed Minds: September

TheGarbageManOct 2, 2018, 2:05:26 AM

Here we are, another month gone and another Unscrewed Minds to wrap it all up! Honestly, I thought there was 31 days in September, ergo, this being a tad late. It's okay though, I write this for myself! You're just lucky and get to join along.

So let's get into it, yeah?

I'm starting to run out of color combinations.

Kava Wut?

Confirmation hearings are usually boring affairs, but the Dome-o-crats really livened this one up. We even got the sleazy porn lawyer back in on the case and boy, did it get everyone in a fervor. 

It’s clear purpose was to deepen the divide in America, drawing clear lines and making everyone’s mind up for them.

All I will say is this: Of course it was a political hit job orchestrated by Feinstein, with her even stating that she had “something” on Kavanaugh before the "Dr." Ford shit-letter was “leaked”. It's the kind of shit show we’ve gotten used to.

The media was focused on that the entire month, while Trump is making world leaders kiss his ass and suck the USA’s dick. 

When you start winning so much, the losers have to focus on things they aren’t being totally dry fucked on.

Now get the fuck out of my office!

Video Game Shenanigans

I got a couple reviews in this, my anniversary month, starting with No Man’s Sky and finishing with Mass Effect: Andromeda. While NMS impressed me with it’s beauty and freedom, Mass Effect lacked in story and presentation.

@UberAids continued on his Bloody Roar rampage, completely finishing all the entries of the series with Bloody Roar 3, Bloody Roar: Primal Fury, and Bloody Roar 4.  Clearly a passion project, you can read how the series almost made it, then succumbed to the death of it’s publisher.


Tokens and Reputations

There seemed to be some hoo-haw about a user ranking system in Minds, similar to Steemit and other stupid platforms. Everyone gets a number or symbol associated with a user's activity on a platform. Basically, it allows people with money to buy influence and then use said influence to silence or harass other users.

A self-contained rating system is flawed because people are flawed. What makes the whole thing humorous is how the people pushing for this rating system would have a really bad score by now. 

Just another thing that we don’t need, like caffeine-free diet Pepsi and Boomer memes.

I take that back. God bless the Boomer memes.

Minds Authors Burning the Midnight Oil

@Aragmar’s new book in the Starshatter series, Twin Suns of Carrola was dropped this month, continuing  the adventures of the alternate timeline we’ve all come to know and love. I’m still working through my reviewer's copy, then I think you know what happens after that. 

Will @Aragmar’s second novel take the cast he created further? Read it to find out!

@Butonfly’s Squib and Bear series continue on strong, each new entry becoming more interesting and intricate, showing the true depth of @Butonfly's preparation in his created universes and the humorous characters contained within.

@RhetoricalHypothetical's Deathwish series continues while he explains why Anarchy won’t work, in case you still thought that was a governmental option or something.

@ME2007Vigil Saving Ever After continues forever after. And his sequel, Red Eden: Sons of Mars, has been dropped on Minds.

@Ravencorinn made a great audio read of her Aliens short story. Reading your stories out loud is the next step for all indie authors!

Even @SpaceMarine outdid himself and made quite the good start to a story of mermaids and sailors.

A rare look at an author creating.


Vuk has been unleashed. Clean. Concise. Current. Go to his Gab page, and figure out the connections.

@Outlines made this hella catchy dancing superheros animation.

Elon Musk got really high. Then I got high and made this:

Just smoke away that reality.

That about wraps it up for me! How was your September? Did I forget something? Well let me know in those motherfucking comments!

Until Halloween, keep those minds screwed in!