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Unscrewed Minds: November

TheGarbageManDec 2, 2018, 2:33:39 AM

Unscrewed Minds: November

We survived November! Got close a few times there, but now it's time to put November back to hell. 

I was much more watchful and attentive this month, giving up on my dream of selling life insurance and instead focusing on selling you a bunch of bullshit! So sit back, turn off Fallout 76 for just a little bit, and get your lurk on for November’s Unscrewed Minds!


Boy, this was a damn good month of watching people sperg out and go all fucking crazy on Minds and beyond. Usually I’d get involved, but it was a such a fucking shitshow I could do naught but stare at awe, amazed at the twists and turns in this multi-layered drama for the king-kong mama.

We all understand what happened. If you don’t know, quick recap: Chris&Amber, Lulucent, and TSTJohn all got banned in one swift motion by daddy-dong Ottman, declaring that all had broken the all-mighty TOS and sending a message to every channel on Minds that no one, not even TSTJohn, is above what Bill Ottman says violates the holy TOS.

A campaign then began from the most unlikely sources. Channels from every corner of Minds hashtagged for two of the banned members to be reinstated. It began to trend. Dozens of channels posted stuff that was what they always posted, except in this case they were about two channels that needed to be #free.

In a rare act of mercy by dong-daddy Ottman, he allowed only one of the channels, Lulucent, back into the warm, mildew smell of Minds. But it came at a price, a price some might say was too high. Ottman also reinstated Chris&Amber, but on the condition they no longer try and “upset” the more aggressive members of Minds.

As for TSTJohn? Some say he still haunts this website. Others say he moved on. Me? I think he’s still around and I hope he reads this because I have something to say to him: Being the top-trending channel on Minds is like being a manager at a fast food restaurant. You might think you’re important, but once you’re gone, everyone will forget you in two weeks. In your case, it was one.

Edit: User @BridgesofBabylon has informed me that Chris&Amber are still banned. I was wondering why the autism level was under 9000...

Maybe Minds is like the seventh layer of ban.

Elections Forever

Boy, aren’t elections neat! Especially those without any voter ID or verification system other than some senior citizen with an old pair of prescription glasses, who uses the two weeks of work to buy their mulatto grandkids' Christmas presents.

The turnout rate was great, but the mail-ins were even greater! It makes sense that all the late votes are from democrats. They are naturally lazy. So slothful, it’s a miracle they made it to the mailbox only five days late!

Really though, this election makes the strongest case for Voter ID, of which won’t happen until 2048, just to make sure the white folks don’t vote twice for Cyborg Donald Trump.

What would really happen if it wasn't for election fraud.

Minds Authors Can’t Stop

@Aragmar keeps it going, cruising towards his 3rd novel, Treads of Vengeance,  in the Starshatter series! His preview chapter this month was a peak for the future of the franchise, one that is as bright as a young star going super-nova!

@ME2007Vigil is revising his Red Eden: Homeworld Bound novel and everyone is allowed to see! Already a well-written book, a revision will be interesting to see how much better he can get!

@Butonfly continues his humorous fantasies Squib and The Year of the Bear, and created a new story inspired by a truly inspirational character.

@Spacemarine attempts to philosophize, contemplating with Why Did They Murder Socrates? Truly a man of culture, Cheese is always down to argue about anything, just like Socrates!

@Drakovor put out the first three chapters of his new book, The Mask of Drakovor! With deep, meaningful dialogue and storytelling, be prepared for a good, long read!

@Rhethypo continues with the Deathwish series, while also starting a new one, Supercide! Check them both out!

I live by this advice.

The Resurrection of The Grand Archive on the Filthiest Place on the Web

While Gab was down, having it’s network switched over to Tel Aviv, Broward county, or some other “questionable” location, The Grand Archive had already begun another move.

The Eden Fire Directive was in full effect during TGA outage on its other hosting network of Gab.ai, allowing the news to be posted without interruption. Well, one week outage, but that was because even wizards must rest (Glad you’re back at full power, mang).

As Q says, there is no such thing as coincidences. But in this case, it was meme magic in force. Go check the news at @TGA_MC, just don’t be sad if you get ignored or blocked. The Curator is a busy man and you are not yet worthy of his attention.

The EDF has concluded.


Some people think they’re shadowbanned on Minds, as if that was a bad thing. Go subscribe to @Minura and @Gnugaz for your meme and news-viewing pleasures and tell them you can still see them.

Fallout 76 is a thing.

@Blusty is an E Mature channel now. I’m a little jealous, but like my sweetie during the Mooncake Festival, I don’t ask for things, they are always gifted.

The re-appropriation of Gritty was beautiful. 

A big fire happened up the hill. Even the president came and saw the town of Paradise, now named the town of Pleasure after the president’s Executive order.

Watch it burn.

That does it for me this month, how about you? Did I miss or say something to upset you? Well let me know in the comments!

Until next month, keep those Minds screwed in!