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activism, liberty, honor, dabble with trombones, upright bass, painting, drawing, shooting, gardening, retired, unpaid online researcher, analyst, writer, publisher including

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Original Content Creator You're traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey whose boundaries are that of imagination. If you wrote a comment and I didn't reply, please tag me (again) @istruththelight and make sure you did not reply to your own comment. I will try to answer every comment and reply to it! But I might not do, if it is just a generic comment you leave on other posts too, or trolling ;) You can comment in every language, I will use a translator and reply in your language. Check out #myphoto : Watch my video content on Odyssee:$/invite/@exittoeden:7 Listen to my audio content on Soundcloud: Follow me on Hive : #nogov #humansarefree

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know little about life probably still observing this crazy world certainly I want everyone too grow with me daily motivation to keep you going

Proud American #patriot; #WalkAway from #Dems 1998; registered Independent; "émigré" from People's Republic of Massachusetts; #prolife #Catholic #NotreDameCathedralLivesOn; #conservative #MAGA #KAG #AmericaFirst #SaveAmerica; #BCAlumni #ForBC #AlwaysAnEagle Suspended from Twitter for truth-telling (Badge of Honor); Parler: SeacoastEagle2; Gab: SeacoastEagle3; New Hampshire Seacoast Region

Real Woman, Pureblood, who will never forget.

I’m Elizabeth Christopher, from Atlanta Georgia. I’m a Binary Options Trading and Investment Broker. I love my job 👩🏼‍💻and my pets🥰... I think I’m beautiful too lol 😝 😆 .. I don’t ignore and ain’t rude. I’m only outspoken. feel free to slide into my Direct message.

Currently living in Ontario, Canada. My hobbies are crypto and video games. Proud believer that crypto is the future.

I love dogs , birds , photography , travel...

Jun 2015
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