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Head spinning in a caffeinated fugue, Kevin Bennett once found himself shredding down a Martian ski slope with a thousand irate Nephilim howling in his wake. On the way, he rescued twenty damsels, had lunch, and fully calculated Pi. In close company, he goes by “Bennett,” but he moonlights as an accordion-bearing comedian with an eye-patch and a beret, who goes by “French Accent.” He entertains any crowd, be it young, old, clean or "adult". His technique involves regular crowd participation and a musical element with no contemporary parallel. He also has two novels out, "Amphibian" and "The Thief And The Sacrifice"; which lost its first publisher and is looking for a second. For a limited time only, it's available for free online through a link listed on this page. Additionally, you can find his album "Between Dystopias" available through Apple Music. Check it out. He's also a content writer because that pays the bills. And he's single. Ladies. Only ladies. (It's 2017; gotta put the clarifier on these days.)

Author, gamer, and video maker. If you said that sentence right, it rhymes, so I'm also a rapper, essentially. Find my politics/philosophy/shitposting, Audiobooks, and Gaming below.

Best Selling Author. Lover of hedgehogs & Freedom.

Writer, director, hardcore techie. Expect to see plenty of updates on my stories, pictures I take, and short films I direct =)

This article is about the 1979 science-fiction film. For its sequel, see Aliens

I am an American living in Taiwan and teaching English here when I am not working on my writing. Although I do offer my creations through a local website: ; I don't normally sale through I prefer a subscription type arrangement via whereas for just a dollar a month subscribers will receive EVERYTHING I write or produce. I also use on my homepage - I am also on WordPress if you want to subscribe there too. 😎 

Martin McConnell holds a Physics degree from SIUE, and when he isn't writing speculative fiction and working as a Content Creator, he's motivating other authors, stargazing, reading, or playing Kerbal Space Program. He avidly encourages everyone he meets to seize control of their dreams by driving their own plot. You can find him on twitter @spottedgeckgo, or at his website If you would like to receive updates on his current projects, send him an email at [email protected]

Hello, if you are reading this I am a developing author with hopes of getting published one day soon. If you want to read my stories, check out my wattpad account :)

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