All around creative guy - love reading, writing, coding, drawing... Anything that can be a creative outlet. Currently writing in #MarWritingChallenge Also find me and my stories on Find the Online Writing Log for writers here:

Author, gamer, and video maker. If you said that sentence right, it rhymes, so I'm also a rapper, essentially. Find my politics/philosophy/shitposting, Audiobooks, and Gaming below.

I'm living an inspired life expressing myself through my art...awake & aware during these troubled times.....may we all live our truth and offer support to one another to live and let live as we each see fit. xo

Just some EWM. Sarcposter (I don't like to shit post, instead I specialise in sarcasm and irony). A Blog Editing Guide I have written: I would like my epitaph to be: He was easily confused! This account is now moribund, nearly.

Mother, Author, Permaculture practitioner and Dancer, I follow anything that calls to my soul and meanwhile I write, write, write ♥ For more posts by me, check out my website,

World history from the beginning

Author of Metaphysics, Philosophy, Politics, Spirituality, Political Satire I follow all who share. I enjoy discussion, communication and developing friendship. I block racists and anyone similarly ignorant or threatening. -Groups- Spiritual Politics Meditation and Sacred Geometry -Books- TheTai Chi Pill Meditation and Geometry For The Youth 108 Steps to Be In The Zone The Geometry of Energy The Matrix of 4 The Complete Patriot's Guide The Terraist Letters

This article is about the 1979 science-fiction film. For its sequel, see Aliens

In support of Linux, free computer operating systems. There are many Linux OS's. They are called distributions or "distros". Each have their own vision / purpose; there's Linux for everyone. The most popular one seems to be Ubuntu from Canonical. Other top user friendly distros include: Linux Mint, Manjaro, Solus, Linux Lite, MX Linux, etc. Mastodon channel: Socialhome channel:

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