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Free minds, free markets. A disdainfully aware, politically agnostic, anti-interventionist. Voluntary associations to mutual benefit. Interested in real histories, root causes, and the freedom to pursue life absent fraud, force or coercion. Transitioning from FB: I also share some more formal thoughts at

Born Sovereign is a nonconformist's campaign for individual freedom . . . in celebration of the heroic individuals whose actions shall bring forth voluntary communities that are completely free from legal coercion; communities wherein all human interactions are voluntary. The Non-Aggression Principle is an innate social construct within all of us. It is the guidepost for natural law. The principle rejects the initiation of force in all its various forms, and naturally, does not bar victims of coercion from responding in self-defense. Communities based on this principle are often referred to as voluntaryist communities, recognizing that with voluntaryism, the Non-Aggression Principle will be the final arbiter in detailing the type of "isms" that blossom. Our goal is to make clear that social issues of aggression, crime, poverty, healthcare, and environmental abuse are never solved politically; that the proper, most effective solutions will be found in a competitive free market - where individuals can freely pursue and support solutions that help them - as opposed to having costly and ineffective solutions forced upon them by the State. We also raise awareness of issues that affect individual freedom and promote strategic actions that will secure it and a free society. ______________________________ "A well regulated Militia" The Authentic Homeland Security A well regulated Militia refers to 鈥渢he Militia of the several states鈥 and clarified as the state unorganized constitutional militia. The constitutional militia is not organized or funded by government interests, but self-assembled by citizen volunteers committed to the security of a free state. In times of disaster or coercion, these men and women: the Minutemen 鈥 may require the support of additional conscientious individuals from their local communities. This constitutionally mandated institution reigns supreme in importance over all institutions, with the exception of 鈥淲e The People,鈥 in defense of individual rights: those rights that define a free state 鈥 as sanctioned by the U.S. Constitution and its charter, The Declaration of Independence. By this, the constitutional militia is said to 鈥渄efend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign or domestic.鈥 Political concerns are an individual matter that may or may not promote, yield, or maintain state respect for individual rights. Unlike politics, the constitutional militia should not be an instrument of division. Any militia intentionally organized on race, religion, politics, or participates in political persuasion at rallies, or protests 鈥 shall be seen as a civil threat and justly classified as an armed 鈥渆xtremist鈥 group. The constitutional militia is nonpartisan and correctly screens candidates for such things as criminal behavior or extremism but is otherwise unconcerned with their race, religion or political preference. Its main challenge, however, is to overcome the institution鈥檚 unmerited association with alleged militia 鈥榥uts鈥 and lingering bad press that discourage membership. Should the free state be lost to the political corruption of a police state, responsible citizens shall face the propaganda for what it is, abandon politics for the Constitution, and take up arms for their commitment to the security of a free state. With sizable rank, this decentralized defense shall be a formidable adversary for any enemy, foreign or domestic. A well regulated Militia holds that, in a free state, individual rights are non-negotiable and asserts that the duties of a Minuteman shall always be limited to those consistent with a free state. This commitment sets the institution apart as the authentic homeland security. __________________________ Start or Join your local Militia!

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