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Origin of my name: 諸葛亮 ********************************************** #minamitakahashi 高橋みなみ (Minami Takahashi) aka Takamina is awesome ********************************************** What the Deuce? -Steward Gilligan Griffin ********************************************** I am going a path of Non-Interventionism. I don't advocate meddling other folks' matters and affairs. I don't care if anybody hate each other; I only want to be aware of it but remain neutral and leave me out of it. ********************************************** Anti-Left. Anti-Liberal. Anti-statist. To hell with socialism, fascism, communism. Left-wing is fascist and lunatic; their beliefs and ideas are jokes. ********************************************** I oppose all forms of gun-control. No law will disarm criminals without infringing other people's rights. Gun control NEVER stops shooting incidents so why bother with many laws? The only control (that I believe) is when I control my guns. ********************************************** Big government corrupts and is a huge waste of (taxpayers') money. #taxationistheft If people finds it beneficial to have any government project(s), the People will voluntarily fund it. To hell with the Federal Reserve; it is not part of the government and is a huge cancer cell inside this country. Thus, it has to be removed. #socialismsucks #communismsucks #communismwillfail ********************************************** I self-study technology, machinery, mathematics, science, language, economics, history, finance. Recently into Outdoors. Why? To increase my knowledge, of course! Always Keep Learning. The more you learn, the more you know something such as how money works or flat-earth is a *retarded* idea or there are ONLY two genders.
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the middle of America
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Sep 2017
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