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Origin of my name: 諸葛亮 ************************************* #minamitakahashi 高橋みなみ (Minami Takahashi) aka たかみな(Takamina) is awesome ************************************* I am going a path of Non-Interventionism. I don't advocate meddling other folks' matters and affairs. I don't care if anybody hate each other; I only want to be aware of it but remain neutral and leave me out of it. ************************************* Anti-Left. Anti-Liberal. Anti-statist. To hell with socialism, fascism, communism. Left-wing is fascist and lunatic; their beliefs and ideas are jokes. ************************************* Big government corrupts and is a huge waste of (taxpayers') money. #taxationistheft If people finds it beneficial to have any government project(s), the People will voluntarily fund it. To hell with the Federal Reserve; it is not part of the government and is a huge cancer cell inside the US. Thus, it has to be removed along with 16th Amendment. #socialismsucks #communismsucks #communismwillfail *************************************
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