The right to say whatever you deem appropriate in is the first to go when people leave reality.

I've just blocked myself, I'm not putting up with this shit either!

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We are the News now! #Revolution #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #digitalsoldiers #Covfefe I'm a Red-Pilled News reporter, (and Meme Lord, lol). The rabbit hole, can you handle it? Future Shock is caused by "Cognitive Dissonance". The reason some people can not be Red Pilled, is because they have Future Shock. The Truth can set you free, yet, can you handle the Truth? Future Shock is where the information coming at you is sped-up, to such a point, that confusion sets in. People need to discern, be very selective in what they consume. And so, I suggest that we Assume Nothing! 'Assumption is Rampant' in our world today! I believe in God and believe God is the Person who created everything. I also believe in a spiritual book called the Oahspe. And I'm also involved in a spiritual movement called the Inner Peace Movement. Groups I have started. (for the most part these groups were started in 2015, Minds now says I started in 2017, that was because my account was attacked and half deleted 2017) Fluoride - Secrets of Space and Anti-Flat Earth ANTARCTICA - Soros - K-Pop - Outstanding Music Psychics - CharliXCX - The Minds Movie Group - Oahspe Motivational Moderator for HEALING GARDEN OF EATIN' Moderator for Artificial Intelligence (Pros & Cons) You can buy my Sci-Fi novel here. or here My ideas on Anti-Gravity. Welcome to my channel. I'm a 4th generation White Australian. Joined Minds: July 04 2015 (yes, that is the real date, not 2017) Long story - 2017 was when my account was hacked and deleted, and then Minds Admin managed to get it all back, minus the pictures. Anyway, been here over 6 years now, the best social media site. I'm Theocratic and believe God and the Angels are in control, and everything Men create needs to be as the true God of Earth wants. I follow the book Oahspe, a good doctrine to live by. #prognosticator #SuperStraight

I create long form videos researching topics from government to anything else.

Reasonable crazy-ass anarchist, equal rights antifeminist, rambling lurker It is generally bad policy to disagree with reality

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I ALWAYS tell the TRUTH. Be Prepared. Happily married mother of 3, highly intelligent, Independent politically but conservative-leaning. Hobbies include learning, reading, gaming (been a gamer since I was 10 with the ol' Atari 2600) and providing content on social networks. I don't mind debating but we must keep it civil. No personal attacks or I'll delete it and possibly block the offender. I try to see things from others' perspectives and I expect the same in return. We can always agree to disagree and still talk to each other (that's what tolerance actually is). Oh, and I'm an INTJ personality type with an IQ in the top 2% of the country.

Father, dreamer and maker

Musical therapy is a way to enlightenment

MINDS HAD BLACKLISTED ME Nov 12th to Dec 5th Welcome to my site on Minds where Co-Founder Ottman states contains "total fabrications" where I expose Minds' dirty tricks, expose hypocrites, expose "Free Speech Heroes", Down Vote Flooders and more ... I am a catalyst, Secular Humanist, skeptic, hypocrite exposer, outlier ANTI: #MAGA #Conspiracy theories #HOAX PRO: Reality, Responsible Freedom, Science Minds admins have altered my profile without reason, explanation or recourse. Minds admins have unblocked blocked users on me. Minds admins have not removed a doxxer. Contents of my posts & profile maybe be altered by Minds admins at anytime. Verify with me via private message on any questionable content. Check my profile & feed for free speech hypocrites that block & massively down vote #skeptic #humanist #science #reality #TerrorismHasMoReligion Free Speech Hero Special Achievement Awards Standings 1st place: @legofreak446 5 down votes / sec plus daily down vote floods 2nd place: @DemonArmageddon AKA WOLFworld 40+ days of continuous down votes still using several sock accounts 3rd place: @gfreark 6 down votes / sec ! 4th place: @memeous 5 down votes / sec ! Is your Free Speech Hero on this list of abusers? Blocked & heavily down voted by: @BadBlackSheep SimplyBS @blusty MARKOFSOROS SOROSRAPEDME @ChainReaction666 MISSINGLINK @ChemTrailsMN CHEMTURDS @Cognition inCognition @cownation EATCROWNATION @CorbettReport CORBETTCULT* @devilsbeentalkingradio DEAFRADIO @digitalsedition AUTISTIC PATRIOT @Esprit1st THEONE @futureshock FUTILE2SHOCK @futureshock2 FUTILE2SHOCKTOO @gfreark GODFINGERS @Gronkt ASSTRAILSYA @identifyuser 404NOTFOUND= @TripleFiveSoul 3X5=7 @kreukel KREUL @luculent HASHLESSWONDER @legofreak446 ZENRAGEFART @theLastStand THEFASTGLAND @MatteoNL97 FARTTRASH REVOLVER @Miodrag09 MI-DRAG-QUEEN @MindCom HASHCLOWN @MTZIGGY MTNIGGIE @naturegirl IMMATUREGIRL @NotConvinced @NyoNyo THEBIGDOG @oniakuma SILENTRAGEFART "i talk, i smile, i laugh too but, be careful when I'm silent " @Qomplainerz massive abuse, sock accounts @raereinhartz OH-CULT @redpillTV REDSHILLIV * @RedPillMedia42 42VIRGINS @Senor01 INDEPENDENSE @ShabbosShekels KRAUTWITHPEE @SilentMajorityRising SILENTMORON @standhume STAND'n'SPUME @Straach1488 with no sack @Susan87331512 SUZANZI @Slaughtz DAMNETHNICS @tengu9 SHEGETZNUN @The_Roaming_Beast FOAMING-BEAST @TotalEclipse OFTHEFART @TRS333 STU-PID @Wotansohn SPINOBORE-US @wolfalexzemla WOLFAMNESIA @wolfworld CANISANUSIS @therealsteveshives * no massive down votes + unblocked Has since apologized for floods then retracted @jack75 Well done indeed ;-) Down Votes Floods (most recent, partial list): @BellyHoofer @Farvot @Dove11 @Frazcak96 @Miodrag09 I am banned from these groups: Conspiracy, Conspiracy Files, Flat Earth, Forbidden Gnoledge, Freedom of Speech, Health Freedom, UFO ... Always remember, you are more unique. When I sent you 3 points, it signifies 3 fingers.

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