I run a youtube channel dealing with paranormal and other creepy content so if you like that kind of thing, check out my channel - I'll be posting various things to my Minds page too, so subscribe to me here too, My account is fairly new and I could do with some followers!
Aspiring Horror Filmmaker trying to fund his future artistic endeavors. I also go by Manfredo Morales Check out my previous works and short films on my YouTube Channel and for my artwork check out my Instagram Account, and check out my tumblr if you're feeling dangerous YouTube Channel Instragram Account Tumblr
Disabled. Mature Age student doing 2nd year university part/time. I am fortunate to be one of the few westerners who has studied with a traditional Tibetan Lama. Schwifty:
Tech guy. Linux geek. Programmer. Privacy and anti-censorship advocate. I dabble a bit in graphic work and copywriting, and also have an interest in NLP and hypnosis..
"My name is Jonas, thanks for all you've shown us." ~ Kekistan Refugee ~ ~ MAGA ~ ~ Anti Islam ~ ~ Anti Feminazi ~ ~ Fuck Antifa ~ ~ Fuck Isis ~ ~ Fuck You ~
◈ INTP ◈ Pagan ◈ Misanthropic Egalitarian ◈ Dissident Liberal ◈ Pseudo Psychologist ◈ Schrödinger's Game Dev ◈ Games Marketing Specialist ◈
Small YouTuber, I play games and make commentary content on YouTube, take a look for yourself here! I hope you enjoy it and if you do, please consider subscribing to my channel and joining the CanDoCrew! Thank you!
Apr 2017
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