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I'm a Happy Banana who loves Yaoi, BL and Bara! ✨ I create BL- and Yaoi-related Content ☕️ Check out my Channel on the BitChutes and my Blog on Amino with the great Yaoi Worshippers

Near Death Hell Experiences

🔞 I do texture mods for games and some art. A misanthrope and wannabe warlock irl. Will fangirl for creepy cute things. ⚰️💖 Shitty games connoisseur. I only draw and play as boys. ENG and ESP 🆗 【Characters】 × Velnohs 🦇 × Elegos 🐉 【Art & Mods】 × 【Find Me Elsewhere】 × 【Header】 × . Character is mine.

Cookie Supremacist. Kekistani Nationalist. "Trash Collector".

Rhea Dono
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I post anime lewds (big tiddies, gentle femdom). Artworks featured here are slightly edited to my own taste (watermarks removed, colors enhanced, etc.) I post my own doodles and drawings in this group: Follow me on Hive

I'm the nicest psychopath you will ever meet.

I enjoy anime, games and Scifi shows. Also like to build my gunpla models.

Cute edgy trap boi content.

Boogaloo’s the name! amateur artist with caveman brain too many ideas, so little skill.... just gonna..... *^* >🔞

Jan 2018
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