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Here's the deal: I post babes and every now and then I put something on blast. I give you my time by posting, you give me your attention on the blasts. Deal? Subscribe. In case you wish to know the names of any of the beauties posted here, in most chromium based browsers simply right-click the image then select "Search Google for Image" or it's equivalent and there you go.
Military babes and memes. Cause who wants to be surrounded by politics? NSFW Obviously
Hello everyone my name its Satsu and i made this channel to discuss a wide variety of topics with people around the world. Here we will discuss everything from gaming, religion, sex, news, feminism, and many more topics that seem to be hot topics in the world today. We focus on a clean and respectful analysis of both sides of the discussion. There will be more information to come in the future so i hope you guys enjoy the content!!!! My YouTube Channel! My Gaming Channel Join The Satsu Nation On Facebook!! Follow Me on Twitter!!! Support Me on Patreon Check out My Merchandise
Mind tricks don’t work on is an exception....Don't underestimate the power of the Patriarchy. Best Meme Group on MemeFarmers Other Groups: GIF Collector Fairy Elfs Mermaids Nymph Witch Angel Démon ... GAMERTube PC Master Race Groups you should check if you like naughty pictures: Gingers Blondes 18+ Hot Ass Yoga Amature Pictures Nudism & Nude Art The Libertines
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