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Primarily science fiction art of all types, but will also cross over into fantasy, horror and surreal themes. All art is credited to their creators. Note: names for east Asian artists (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc.) will be written as it is in their own country: last name first name. Artists with east Asian names but from the west will be written as standard: first name last name. #ScienceFiction #SciencFictionArt #SciFi #SciFiArt #Cyberpunk #CyberpunkArt #Art #Fantasy #FantasyArt #Horror #HorrorArt #Comics #ComicArt #Surrealism #SurrealArt It takes a good amount of effort and time in accurately crediting the artwork and providing its provenance. That is, whether the piece was published as a cover, interior or editorial illustration for a book or magazine, or perhaps as poster art, or something other. In some cases, extra context is provided based on the subject or history of the piece. If you appreciate the effort and enjoy the variety of art posted, you can always show your support through token donations. For posts relating to literature, music, film, mainstream and fine art, and other miscellanea, subscribe to this channel: If you want to discuss science fiction literature, then join this group:

Inspired by nature and the subconscious. Seeking Truth. Always evolving.

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Welcome to the official Minds channel

Painter, furniture designer, maker of books, curator.

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Tao Economics is about observing and respecting the natural cycles of the economy. While helping people with investing, economic survival, and to gain financial independence.

Content here will mainly be related to the fine arts, film, history, literature and music. Plus anything else I find of general interest. #Art #FineArt #Literature #Classics #Fiction #Books #Film #Mythology #History #Music If you're a science fiction reading enthusiast, then here is a group for *book* discussions: Science Fiction Follow this channel if you like science fiction (inc. fantasy, horror, surreal) themed artwork: Science Fiction Art

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