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I'm Kandi. I do my own thing. Artist Musician I cant shut up once you get me talking. gamings fun 80s gaming :P chiptune me something new. show me the art and fun things you do :D

I heard there was candy here. Apocalyptic heathen. All around nobody. No clue how this place works.

Electrical Engineer, activist, Christian without the judgement. I hate Zionism/Judaism. I can coexist with any race or religious beliefs other than those 2. Anything else feel free to ask. Also I have an extreme disgust for the evil alliance between America and Israel! Also just so ya don't have to ask my name spelled backwards is art saves, weather it be music, poetry or drawing, painting, in my case it's music its saved my life and given me the chance to raise awareness.

I am going to save the world by spreading n being truth/love, this shit is pretty much me ranting about why the world is fucked and what can be done to remedy/improve reality, i am a tripper/drug user n poor person but i am going to do it, improving/studying everything. This is the result of 11 years of studying the illusion i am experiencing This is mainly a rant about achieving highest states of ecstasy. Anyway i love you

I am not this skin, I'm the soul that lives within.

Salina, ks
Jun 2015
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