Sic semper tyrannis, the winners of wars write history like the MSM tells the truth A fraud president has no nation the fraudemic is evident the sky is falling again How is your fraudemic today? always have to play the players before they play you "life is a journey travel" fraudemics suck the looneys are running the asylum government has proven to be non essential during this false flag event they should prorate property tax ......they did nothing for months and months and months the treason is real government has proven to be non - essential ungovernable government is non-essential, obviously the beginning is near common sense is not very common anymore fuk government it violates human rights the beginning is near scamdemic water takes up 10% more volume when it freezes google stop being evil those who control the memes control the world decentralized avoid the democrat(pedocrat) for happy life One Race, Human Race Human Race, One Race everybody has to get microwaved 5G Ameriphoebes suck socialism is communism for dummies mandatory daily drug testing for all public servants except, garbage men and dog catchers scandal = felony ....lets be politically correct politics.... poly = many..... tics = parasites There is nothing politically correct and there will never will be! politically correct is an oxymoron
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I have created a new group "Freedom Gardening". The intention of the group is to become a resource for others to share tips & tricks about growing, storing, seeding, preserving and foraging. If we find some of the veteran gardeners than we could possibly start up a seed sharing program and make sure that everyone in the group has the seeds they need to maintain and grow their gardens every year. If you took the time to read all this I would like to thank you and leave you with this. "Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime". -no clue Stay Blessed @anonyMOOSE_
Jun 2015
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