Christian Conservative with Libertarian leanings. Sick of what the Marxist Left have done to the world. Learning Crypto. Memes are a great way to get a point across. If you like my content please buy me a coffee or a beer! Possibly an energy drink. Tipping is greatly appreciated.

The best in news, comedy and philosophy from across the web. 馃嚭馃嚫 Gavin McInnes, Louder with Crowder, Bearing, Ben Shapiro, Count Dankula, Stefan Molyneux, Tucker Carlson, Paul Joseph Watson, Anthony Cumia, Milo Yiannopoulos, Dave Rubin, Tommy Sotomayor

I am no longer interested in awakening the masses. The masses made it clear that they are not interested. I am here to connect like minds and awaken those who WANT to learn.

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Posting today's news and related spicy memes. Always open to discussion with liberals. Just come prepared. I am not a Russian bot My groups: Cord Cutters MAGA MEMES Breaking 911 Not Tired of Winning Drain the Swamp

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Patriotic, independent free thinker who loves gaming and all things horror (especially paranormal and supernatural)!

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EXHIBIT: #MEDIA is devoted to showing you the methods and tactics used by the mainstream media to alter public perception. Also having fun laughing at their ridiculousness. Check out the channel on Odysee: Bitchute: The media lies to you. We know this. Whether it's the consistent narrative-shaping on the left. Or the constant barrage of foreign forces attempting to alter the public opinion in their favor. The fifth-generational war is real, though it doesn't always come with the bells and whistles of a full-fledged conspiracy. Sometimes nudging the dial slightly is good enough. EXHIBIT: #MEDIA is an exercise in minutia. We care about the facts. We care about the claims. We care about the wording. Co-opting language. Only by putting a magnifying glass on the propaganda being disseminated as news, can we begin to understand. Only by breaking down their own words and making sense of the content within, can we see the truth. And when the arguments seem so ridiculous and their methods so obvious, laughter and ridicule are the methods we undertake. Created by Patrick Witherell: a liberty minded individual interested in open and honest discourse. @pokfactory is my personal page with less politics. More photography, writing, and creative stuff.

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