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The Plan for Action

RecoveringAStudentJun 18, 2019, 1:58:20 AM

This blog will be a map of all posts related to the second edition of "The Plan for Action."

The original series started with a rant after reading one too many of those "Are you scared yet?!" articles, and I simply decided that I was done being scared. You might be too, and you want to move past "I am aware of what's going on" to "I want to make something happen." That series was meant to address that question.

The current edition of the Plan for Action was started after spending a few months meditating on the original series, and deciding to make a stronger message and a clearer destination that we are "acting" toward.

Goals of the Plan For Action

"Action" is meaningless if we aren't heading somewhere.

The Debt-Free Society (Essay series)

The Open Source Society

The Plan

City by City, Program by Program

 > The Battle for Official Recognition

The Competing Institution Strategy

 > How Developers can Unplug from Google

The Lending Strategy

Contributions by the Minds Community

The Market We Miss is the One Our Opponents Will Hit
Contributed by @volanarchist

Suggested Action Plan for Immediate Change
Contributed by @truthfreedompeace

Preparing Yourself

The first step in taking action is becoming capable of doing so.

Think Local, Act Local

Get Involved