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The Plan for Action

RecoveringAStudentFeb 4, 2019, 6:06:30 PM

This blog will be a map of all posts related to the series "The Plan for Action."

    The series started with a rant after reading one to many of those "Are you scared yet?!" articles, and I simply decided that I was done being scared. You might be too, and you want to move past "I am aware of what's going on" to "I want to make something happen."

    This series is a compilation of reading and observation of people ranging from "blue collar millionaires" who worked at Home Depot, to successful and surprisingly honest politicians, to people who have an incredible understanding of relationships, between people and between people and their environment. Having spent about 15 years learning from such people, since my early 20s, I now have compiled it all into a simple plan for bringing about a free society.

Essays are listed by major essay, with a list of sub-essays meant to expand on the original.


The Plan

Becoming capable of action