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City by City, Program by Program

RecoveringAStudentAug 21, 2019, 3:59:48 AM

This essay is a part of the Plan for Action series.

Earlier in this series I wrote Think Local, Act Local to talk about the need to focus on what you can actually do to actually make some progress locally. However, this is about more than just picking up trash or making a nice public vegetable garden. "Think Local, Act Local" is also part of larger strategies to fight globalism, which I call "City by City" and "Program by Program"

City by City

    Most of the government that you interact with daily is local. Most of the policies that directly affect your daily living were decided locally, and enforced locally, and much of the leftist/globalist agenda comes from the fact that most people are afraid to do anything that isn't "normal," where normal is based on what everyone else nearby is doing.

    Putting these together, I think that we can take advantage of ultra-low local election turnouts in a few cities and put in pro-freedom people who will actively repeal laws and programs that serve nobody. This absolutely includes things like gun freedom and ditching Common Core, but also I think we can start implementing Debt Free Societies. Once we have a few such cities that are practicing this way, we have a template to sell to still more cities, until pro-freedom, localist, non-globalist living becomes the new normal. The first cities turned are the hardest, because most people, being cowardly, will not change until they are fully convinced that they will not fail or be made to look "weird" by trying something different.

Program by Program

    Cities are geographic in nature, but "program by program" is about targeting particular practices, like compulsory Common Core schooling. Once again, instead of alternatives being "weird," having concrete cases of success means that the person must actually defend their position. And that defense requires thought, and thought is the opportunity to change minds.

    The idea here, is to build up plans and some "start your local program" kits and infrastructure. The community garden, for example, might not seem like a big program, for example, but the idea of people engaging in society-building activities without taxes, mass media, or the state is in fact huge deal. Culturally it moves us away from the TVs and into meeting our neighbors.

Here are a few more programs for example:

 > Homeschooling and alternatives to conventional education are exploding, and there is a real possibility of shutting down public schools in small districts within the next 10 years.

 > A few cities are trying out alternatives to Child Protective services, opting for solutions that keep families together instead of seeking reasons to take kids and bolster the need for funding.

 > Groups like the Threat Management Centers are helping neighborhoods develop security without government police.

    We can discuss these and more in the Debt Free Society group, but for now, the main point to make is that we can move toward localist, stateless communities if we start picking specific programs, or start organizing in cities where our ideas have a chance, and make local progress that can be scaled over time.

    Our main challenge is from the people who are drawing wealth, or just a paycheck, from the cities and programs we are coming up against. However, their weakness is that the damage done from globalist-minded policy is becoming more apparent every day, and the cities they headquarter in are becoming bankrupt from the wealth extraction. We can turn the tide, and show people our way of thinking works.