If you are White, you are in a war. You can waste time bickering with other White people about the fine points of theology and philosophy. Or you can band together against a common enemy who doesn't give a shit whether you are a White Christian, a White Heathen or a White Atheist. https://gab.ai/KenazFilan/posts/33024638 Race above intangible concepts. Reason race should override theology and philosophy. Its a race war against #BloodAndSoil. I'm just interested in #Folk1st. We need a big umbrella to gather as many healthy White Folk as possible. Whites are separated by atheism, christian denominations and Paganism. All white folks eventually will form under an undetermined umbrella for protection and serving their racial interests. Right now the GOYim are discovering they are GOYim. Its only if we can out maneuver jews before they collapse this nation into a race war. We expel the jews in time we can deal with the rest. White Folk are noticing they have a limited way of life and its only getting worse. They will unite for safety in numbers. This is what will happen. White folk will unite for safety in numbers because jews and their violent proxies put our future in jeopardy. Everyone thats does not want to accompany us will be left for dead. All the fence sitter egalitarians will be fish food for all the aliens inside our borders. No jews will be allowed with in our ranks and some whites will not make the cut. All of the jewish historical narratives are breaking down and the truth is gaining ground. Keep suppressing us, it shows the rest of the Stupid GOYim true reality.
Jan 2018
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