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The American Spectator was founded in 1924 by George Nathan and Truman Newberry over a cheap domestic ale in McSorley’s Old Ale House. In 1967, the Saturday Evening Club took it over, rechristening it The Alternative: An American Spectator, but by November 1977 the word “alternative” had acquired such an esoteric fragrance that in order to discourage unsolicited manuscripts from florists, beauticians, and other creative types, the club reverted to the magazine’s original name. Published remarkably without regard to gender, lifestyle, race, color, creed, physical handicap, or national origin. The American Spectator Foundation educates the public on new ideas, concepts, and policies that favor traditional American values, such as economic freedom, individual liberty, self-sufficiency, and limited government. To this end, the Foundation also trains and cultivates young writers for careers in journalism and serves as an outlet for a host of both young and established conservative writers and thinkers.

Gabivincy to the world 💯 realest dude#on_God

Lee Camp
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Comedian, Activist, Host of Redacted Tonight

Peter R. Quinones
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Managing editor at Host of the Free Man Beyond the Wall podcast

Update: we're a shit posting and freedom loving channel. We don't care about your feelings only facts. If you have thin skin or are commie / democrat this is not the place for you. Also if you don't like naked women go somewhere else. Too Busy For Women (TBFW)is a MGTOW channel who's goals are to share a sampling of hobbies / activities men can do once they've taken the Red Pill. TBFW will not talk about the dangers of women, there is a ton of other MGTOWs who can and do explain it better then TBFW can. We here at TBFW are going to share what we do with all the new free time and resources we now have.

Bodybuilding site dedicated to the discussion of bodybuilding, supplements, nutrition, fat loss, weight loss and overall fitness

We Are 1 American Family, We Are Trump's Deplorables and Together We Will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Keep America Great 2020 👍

Delmara Peninsula
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Aug 2018
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