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& *Worldwide Awakening* Join the community here on minds: ---------------------------------------------- *The Top supporters of this channel are* @Milica42 @Mikehopkins @LeonDWilliams @IngenuusDesigns @Mindfulcheriechic @Thepeoplewemeet @Floatingonsmiles @SirAlbertHolmes @SuperFurryNova @CopperCladLad @Elemermagyari @BornSovereign @FatalException @Willieleev1971 @enigmos6868 @Rushofwaves @VisionLaunch @nguyenanhtu @Evolve2More @CambriaKills @Ophelia_Cox @Grayhood7 @Chris2theJ @Mindnumb @Innerverse @Uswrname @Mindsplus @17TJones @Mindkind @InnerEric @rychorex @Klee461 @Her @LlamaLlamaGames @MinisterofPropaganda A BIG THANK-YOU to all these creators and please check-out there channel's for a wonderful variety of content. ------------------------------------------------ *ABOUT ME* Hello everyone my name is Brian W R Jones, I am a Writer, Philosopher, critical thinking - thought provoking - content creator and "sharer" of information that is essential to living a life "Free of Delusions". ------------------------------------------------ *ABOUT MY WORK* The goal here is to bring fresh thought to a sleeping population and with it reclaim the intellectual fighting capacity of our species to resist and finally break free from its enslavement. The Maltreatment of children - combined with the results of a very poor state education - have for so long - been at the heart of the problems we face today. It is for these reasons that most people have not resisted this ever escalating move towards the total subjugation of our species... And with the political divide reaching record levels of insanity - it is clear that we need to return to a place where "TRUTH" determines our reality and not Political Masters, False Media, Mega Corporations and especially not brainwashed and heavily propagandized groups within society. My aim is to bring rationality, reason and evidence to all my work, as I consider these to be the highest values. It is true that facts don't care about feelings. Looking around at the world today it is clear to see that we have reached a precipice and cannot afford to get side tracked for too long by our emotions, we must return to using our #MINDS and not our fists. Mistakes can and will be made, so if you find any discrepancies in my work, or you find any new factual information that runs contrary to the posts on this channel, then please share - it will be essential to getting the right information out to people. It is only new reason and evidence that will be the deciding factor in the directional change of the content that is uploaded here and not mere conjecture or opinions. -------------------------------------------------- *MY COMMITMENT* I will continue to commit 100% into keeping inline with my mission statement of being answerable to you the viewers and to my supporters and to ONLY be guided by TRUTH, by REASON and by EVIDENCE. Whether or not you decide to help support this channel by becoming a donator, or leaving tips - you can be assured that this work will always have at its heart - those 3 principles. I have never, nor will I ever-receive any ad revenue from any business. This ensures that I will at all times remain focused on you. I will however-share anything that I feel is beneficial to the creation of critical thought, which may include content from any business that is working to achieve the same ends of - creating genuine human connection and revealing truths about the world which may otherwise remain hidden. ------------------------------------------------------- *HOW TO SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL* *YOUR SUPPORT IS ESSENTIAL TO THIS BECOMING A SUCCESS* If you like this channel and would like to help support it you can do this by using wire for token donations or you can help out financially by donating using the links below. Any and all donations are graciously accepted and all are vital to helping keep the channel going, to continue researching and to keep producing and sharing the high quality material that is so essential in this information war. To donate, make a one time or recurring monthly payment use the following link: Paypal: and to everyone who supports this work. I cannot Thank-You enough for your help in ensuring that I can continue to create and "share" this thought provoking content.

#SitDownandTalk. Conversations must take place instead of violence. Universal Preferable Behavior. VALUE VIRTUE because OBJECTIVE MORALS makes your SUBJECTIVE ETHICS MORAL. Arguments are important, your feelings are not.   THE MAXIM OF LIFE  Valuing TRUTH reaffirms REALITY.  Preferring LIES manipulates YOURSELF.  Speaking FALLACY induces DECADENCE. CONVERSATIONS provoke CHANGE.

I dont blame god for giving humans the free will to literally fuck evrything up that they can, i blame god for not giving animals the ability to speak and use guns.

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Philosophical Art ! Through the leftist lunatic Lense : I am a Racist ... a Trans-Homo-Xeno-Islamo-Pedophobe ... a Cis gendered Woman hating Nazi "Jesus freak son of a Bitch" crazy man. I am an evil Gun slinging, beer drinking, cigarette smoking, country loving 3D right wing extremist. I am the Discriminator. Through the Lense of Reality : I am just a Man, that seeks Truth, God and Wisdom. My youTube channel :

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Mike Hopkins
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I am an older gentleman now in retirement. I have paid my dues to the thieves in suits and hope that I can survive my remaining years while retaining whatever human(e)ity I have left. I don't take vaccines or meds and have not seen a Doctor in over 20 years and surprise, surprise, I am still very much alive and kicking.

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Aug 2017
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