Petals And Thorns (Mia Petals)

Band Channel for former @MiaPetals channel: OUR NEW ALBUM RELEASED ON HALLOWEEN: "The Maid And The Blacksmith". #Darkwave #AltRock #GothRock with #FemaleVocals. Digital Tip Jar: . #Music #NewMusic #NewAlbum #NewMusicDiscovery Youtube: TikTok: Twitch: Website: Petals And Thorns has released two studio albums: "The Broken Mirror" (2014) and "The Maid And The Blacksmith" (2020). _______________________________________________________________________________********We DO NOT support (Hate Groups) of any kind, nor any person that represents them. We ask anyone who identifies with such views to refrain from subscribing to us. Any attempt at communication by such persons will result in being blocked and reported to Minds Admin.
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Mother. Artist. Witch. Poet.  Sun: Capricorn   Moon: Cancer    Society needs to find their damn lid. Not the fucking pickle. The fucking lid. Lid. Lid. 

Working hard to make a difference in this weird world. Wide awake and non too happy about what I've learned. I am a voice for the voiceless. Working hard for Animal Rights, Human Rights, Native American Rights. I have been fighting to save our Wild Mustang horses from the governments intent to destroy them. I also am very active in saving my beloved Pit Bulls from the sick cruelty and main stream media created stigma that they and their owners face. I am here to share what I have learned and to learn from others who are aware of what really goes on in this twisted world. Those who are closed to learning the truth can stay on fb and look at pics of people's dinners and remain blissfully unaware of reality.That bubble burst a long time ago for me. I am an activist, a warrior for those who can't fight for themselves.

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Jan 2018
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