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Views17.81k Faithful to God and Britannia ✝️🇬🇧 Purged from Twitter 18/12/2017 Declared a “Dangerous Individual” by Facebook 28/04/2019 ‘If the world hates you, remember that it hated me first’ John 15:18

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I crush coke cans with my bare hands.    I tamper with evidence.

Just a guy, telling it and asking it how it is...

For special supporters, I have some artsy things, Currently 2 OPTIONS of awesome swag, with more on the way....

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Unworthy of polishing the shoes of Greg Egan, but striving towards it... Who are you unworthy idealist follower of?

Cuckold, the non-insult type. The type that has this as a chosen lifestyle. Searched, and worked towards making this dream into a reality. The type that my Mistress and Wife leaves tied, blindfolded, and electrified or vibrated while she snuggles with my Master over a movie or binge watching some TV series, daring to hope they will jump on the bed afterward and fuck each-other while parts of their bodies rub with my defenseless nakedness, instead of going out or to His apartment and doing what they do while leaving me trying to hold off orgasm, on the edge, without control over the stimulation. This intro is because I failed holding on, and had a spurting ejaculation without permission. Now I need to be publicly semi-anonymously shamed as a punishment. This punishment is on top of adding an extra 2 weeks till I get my chance to draw a card determining if and how I can offload some of the accumulated semen. My Mistress will probably use the 3-to-1 deck (which means 3 cards of ruined/dripping ejaculation, achieved through slow teasing, for each 1 card of full orgasm or ruined orgasm). I usually get drained by prostate squeezing, often without even being let out of the chastity belt (you know the hustle of removing locks and piercings), and that is much more often than sexually stimulated ejaculation, dripping, or orgasm. Need to keep the sperm production high, for increased arousal, instead of settling into the life of the orgasmless cuckold. Much better this way. Deep perpetual desire to dive into licking my Mistress to series of orgasms or to sleep, and taking my Master deep into my throat. It is not a chore when I am this horny, is a privilege.

(Ͼ‿Ͽ)ノ looking for reliable partners for an inclusive gps freespeech loophole visualization project //relaunch in progress// -------------------- @FunnyMovies ← -------------------- @Tokens ← Proudly affiliated with & With ambition on rolling out ↓ websites Relaunching Soon on J4+ we're a libertarian site open speech kinda place, we'd prefer no ads than bowing to them. #CuratorsOfchaos Come join our relaunch this summer, 360s patrolling service minds pride themselves on never censoring or banning non-illegal accounts. Our minds Group ︻ looking for reliable partners for an inclusive gps freespeech loophole visualization project ︼ ============================= tnx for the wire @alexandriabernieheather x1 @lilycreek x3

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