Drink n Sink is the best pub or sports bar for enjoying drinks and music with friends. It is the best place for parties, food, drinks (cocktails, bar and shots). This is a nice place for business meetings, birthday parties and enjoying music beats at your tables. There are 10 big screens in bar to enjoy sports with drinks.
I love dark indie music like witch house and chillwave. Listen 24/7 at http://www.witchhouseradio.com/
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Hanoi has countless delicious eateries, must 1500 locations not many people discover, the road to eat fruit is endless. This is the place to sum up the attractive dishes for people to save an online notebook. Join in with Hanoi Dining by sending a message with the price and picture of the food you want to share with everyone.
The world’s best Biltong made with grassfed American beef. Naturally paleo and dry seasoned with nothing but whole food spices.
I Just want to go home.
Photographer in Florida, Jewish or Kike what ever it's called here, Thick skinned open for debate. I refuse to block. Willing to hear everyone out. will never win a spelling bee.
Aug 2018
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