Twitter says I'm too controversial to be heard because I keep saying men are human. Go figure.

To help people get the services and resources they need to get to be a better place concerning their mental health. With Youtube, here on minds, and the website: Learning about the history of mental health, psychology, treatments, and such.

Just a guy recalibrating his political and social compass, and undoing years of lies. Conservative head, liberal heart. Feminine guy, masculine interests. Emotes like a woman, lives like a man. Almost born female, unashamedly male. One of the guys, one of the girls. LGBT affiliate, committed Christian. Former feminist, MRA sympathiser. Loves people, hates identity politics. Charitably selfless, anti social justice. We all have different values, but we're all worth the same. Listener, counsellor, complementarian, empath, future wife's stylist.

= Pilot - Entrepreneur - Free speech absolutist   - Gun lover - History aficionado =

Every general political orientation holds some values, that are useful and benefiting the society. so my mind is all ways open for opinions and i am willing to discuss. Also truth seeker, tinker and wannabe engineer alternative profile: @Muselmann_Reloadet

Just a mama who doesn't have time to give fucks. Gives hugs, baked goods and devoted friendship. I ReMind stuff a lot. I don't always agree with it. Sometimes, it's bullshit or funny or thought-provoking or just ridiculous. However, since i encourage discussion, i ReMind it for others to discuss. I also routinely talk to myself on camera at and beg for shekels here:

Jul 2016
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