Welcome to the laboratory of my soul, where I build a bridge from enigma to reality, between the mysteries and evryday life. I am Observer1 I am a philosopher. Join Soul Labs and share your wisdom with humanity.
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So that's how this is done. I am, first and formost, an explorer. I cannot stop asking questions, about everything and anything. I am a buddhist; a husband; a father; a friend to dogs. I am an artist. I paint, sometimes sculpt, and I write. I am a musician who favors the guitar, but also fiddles with harmonica, flute, recorder, reed instruments, digeradoo, hand drums and keyboards. My musical interests run the gamut. If you're good at what you do, I'll find some way to appreciate it, regardless of genre. Professionally I am a computer and internet guy. I hosted my first web pages on the NCSA web service hosted on a linux server, and viewed them with the mozaic browser running on the X desktop. There was only one at the time, if you were serious, the Open Look Virtual Window Manager. I currently do systems administration, NodeJS and CSS3. I can probably code in just about any language given sufficient documentation. I am the harshest of critics and a connoisseur. I criticise everything, usually immediately after I have finished subjecting it to questioning. I have had the benefit of a great deal of college education but I consider myself to be self-taught. I brew good ale and I cook awesome food :) I'm a bit of a hippie. Dress me in tiedye before you chunk my dead ass in the fire. I do not do political parties. I do not take 'positions'. My position is fluid, because I do my own thinking, which changes when I am exposed to new information. I am from a long line of sport hunters and fishermen. I legally and responsibly own and operate a few firearms. I'm a damned good shot, with both pistol and carbine. I'm something of an aspiring engineer. I like to make stuff and I like to figure out how stuff works. I've spent a lot of time with the ocean, as a surfer and as a sailor. I was not great at either, but I learned a lot in the embrace of the water.
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Capitalism requires the absence of a state.  Steemit: Anarchistminuteman Tumblr: why88isbetterthan69 Mewe: Matthew littrell Facebook: Matthew littrell (look for profile pic saying "black markets matter")
Interpreting scientific and philosophical principles to find strong values to live life by.
Sabía quien era esta mañana, pero he cambiado varias veces desde entonces
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