The world is strange. I never thought that I would find more and more of this change for this crazy change to become politically correct, which ends up ignoring the needs of most of us to intergrate. Come on. Are you honestly trying to tell me you are in favour of making us accept this?? I laugh at your crazy ways and I think the more I find, the more I laigh. The harder I find it to accept your stuff. A little about me: I moved to Oslo (Land of the midnight sun) but I was living in England. It is nice here. I can report in a weird way. Have I become sceptical?.... perhaps... Also known as Weird and Wonderful on WordPress. . I also promote Black metal and I love Midgardsblot: Groups: Inferno Festival Inferno Festival: Tons Of Rock: But it all started when I went to Download Festival:
I am a creator. Love Earth & live forever.
Best Selling Author. Lover of hedgehogs & Freedom.
Watch as I try to not completely trip over my own feet in whatever game I'm currently playing. If you do see me in a game, hope you're on the other team (you're likely safer).
Free thinker impressed by Ayn Rand's ideas. I hope to inspire others to benefit from them as much as I have. I intend to offer you better clarity of thought in the areas of: * Ethics * Politics * The whole "SJW" phenomenon * Science * Self development A debate can only truly be won if you promote a positive alternative. ------------------------ Profile pic by "JD Lasica" under CC license:
Events, festivals & conceptual marketing. We play at 11, come play with us.....
Individualiste Méritocrate Transcendantaliste Pragmatique Raciste Eugéniste Suprématiste blanc hétérophile
The Truth will set you free , spread the news and see, look at the world now as we set the Minds free. Subscribe.  we strive to uncover truths. And somethings that maybe theories against the theories that we are tought to believe. Designed to have you not believe everything. Just because you were told 1000 times doesnt make that a fact it makes you accept an conform to what your told to be truths instead of digging an finding facts to back up whats told. So post links and info either you agree or not in comment section. Friendly convo, share what you have found or have learned in each area.            Truth Slap News           **for donations to help fund boosting post  *Send bitcoin to this bitcoin  wallet address: 14KjVohnCVKau5dr2qtZ8vMZokrSJMJPRz         *  Ether wallet donation: 0x84ddbe7561f3e081639dc4b839f3717f118fe08         * Donate ripple coin: rLW9gnQo7BQhU6igk5keqYnH3TVrCxGRzm   Must also use ripple tag- 2971404834      ****     Check out this free app from Coinbase that lets you conveniently and securely store, and trade digital currencies like bitcoin and ethereum. You can get it from   For your first investment of $100 in bitcoin you will recieve  $10 in free bitcoin.  Signup here:  Check out this free app from Coinbase that lets you conveniently and securely store, and trade digital currencies like bitcoin and ethereum. You can get it from 75% off all donations will go back Into minds to further boost posts !
From the cold dark north, Dose it djent?
Rock, Punk and Metal Concert help for fans. Giving them a chance to have their youtube videos of concerts to be seen.Please subscribe to their videos so they can buy a Go Pro to film more. This site features Inferno Festival: Midgardsblot: Tons of rock: Please buy your tickets to concerts early to avoid disappointment. Subscribe on you tube to playlists to see more Rock, Punk and metal from Norway, Please subscribe to the following:
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