SPIRIT: Love Trumps Hate POLITICS: Ron Paul NJ Ballot Coordinator 2007/08, Advisor to Ballot Coordinator 2011/12 LIFE: Beach, Food, Garden, Surf CAREER: 40 years Audio Engineering. Now, also helping people upgrade their nutritional input at
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Awaken mankind's universal consciousness to find equitable solutions for a real, honest, better and prosperous Guild, based on unity and sharing, peace, respect and love, in harmony with nature and our environment to foster the achievement of collective goals leading to an intelligence and higher collective consciousness.
Mind Is better than Twitter
Hallo and welcome to my profil on Minds. I am a mountain- and nature fan, love to listen to classical music and i am a technical fan. I write here about all things what i think that can be interesting for you, and share it here with you. Young, thirst for knowledge and striving for new.
Khi bạn thoải mái, nỗi sợ hãi biến mất, sự giàu có xuất hiện ! HÃY THẬT GIÀU CÓ, BẠN SẼ CÓ TẤT CẢ ! *** Những kênh yêu thích nhất trên Minds : @USATodayNews @CanadaTodayNews @AsiaBreakingNews @WorldBreakingNews @LichSuVietnamTongHop @PhatPhapVoBien @WorldBadNews @VietnamBusinessNews Blogs :
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Moving to Goa was the greatest thing I ever did for myself. This album is to honor the spiritual awakening, available to anyone that wants it, in this literal Garden of Eden...with a little help from the sacrament of psilocybin, and from regenerating off this land's sweet and juicy fruits... My end goal now is to create a free school here, based on spreading the teachings of nondualism and mindfulness meditation, and helping to facilitate a series of psilocybin & fruit fasting dance retreats that followers can travel to Goa to practice or even begin themselves at home alone or at one of the अनंबआळंबेआळाम्बो parties, soon to be spreading across the globe... Engaging in one or all of the अनंबआळंबेआळाम्बो rituals on any of the beaches of Goa during a series of full and new moons will change your entire life - trust me... Would you like to begin your pilgrimage to this place of your dreams?
Here's the teaser of the comedy thriller👉🏻 #AngelPriya Full Video will release on 2⃣4⃣th February Stay Tuned 😉 #Thriller #Comedy #Laughters #Joy Channel Name: Filmyhub #LIKE #SHARE #COMMENT #SUBSCRIBE
Hello friends, I came here because of censorship and being banned twice from YouTube. I am hoping free speech will continue to exist on this platform. "If the freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter" George Washington "What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist." - Salman Rushdie P.S. I love cats, animals, the truth, free-speech, humor, art, peace, freedom, news (and more). :-) I am going to start posting my art too. Thank you.
Jun 2015
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