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A Socialist, a Corbynista and a believer in equality

"Wherever you know of harm, regard that harm as your own; and give your foes no peace." ~ Óðínn, Havamal

Malo Clinic Nuffield Dental has CFast treatment in Singapore that is gentle, minimally invasive treatment for adults that uses sound orthodontic principles to straighten the upper and lower front six teeth. They offer affordable monthly payment plans for teeth straightening procedures. Their CFast treatment in Singapore is a part of their smile makeover process, and it is cost-effective, minimally invasive, cosmetic tooth straightening treatment. By using a tooth-colored wire and clear brackets, it gently straightens your teeth to give you that healthy, beautiful smile. After completing their CFast treatment in Singapore, you will need to wear a retainer to support your teeth in the new position to prevent relapse.

Gary's One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning ( has proudly served Northwest Arkansas for 47 years. Your complete satisfaction is the only reason we exist. All heating and air conditioning installation & services are 100% guaranteed. Our unique on-time guarantee is one of the best in the country - “Always on time... or you don’t pay a dime.” We mean it! With a range of services, including Heating and Air Conditioning system sales/replacements and preventative maintenance, we're your one-stop-shop for all of your needs. And to give you peace of mind, we're available 24/7 for Emergency Service.

There are two ways in Life, GIVE - which leads to PEACE and prosperity, the other GET - which leads to competition, strife, war, and pain. We aim to GIVE.

"Peace grants men the illusion of life. Shackled by falsehoods, they yearn for love, unaware of its grand illusion. Until, the curse touches their flesh. We are bound by this yoke. As true as the Dark that churns within men." -Aldia

BlocNATION is an event ticketing and cashless payment systems provider. Their BLOC Token can be used to unlock crypto payment capabilities for PouchNATION – a Southeast Asia based cashless payment and brand activations solutions provider. The platform is the universal currency for PouchNATION and aims to address problems related to pay bracelets at music festivals and other events. The BLOC Taken decentralized ICO is powered by Komodo and integrated into their atomic swap – powered BarterDEX. To learn more about BLOC Token, visit

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