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Sharing Gifs and Pics that I find interesting or humorous. The majority of my posts are borrowed from someone else whom I'll credit if I can. HAPPILY MARRIED GRANDFATHER LIVING IN NZ.
location_onTauranga, New Zealand
I am an American living in Taiwan and teaching English here when I am not working on my writing. Although I do offer my creations through a local website: ; I don't normally sale through I prefer a subscription type arrangement via whereas for just a dollar a month subscribers will receive EVERYTHING I write or produce. I also use on my homepage - I am also on WordPress if you want to subscribe there too. 😎 
Man of much mystery
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I am from North Carolina USA as my nationality of origin. I am a responsible Man. i enjoy my job and I strive for success in everything I do.I am a fun loving man, jovial, lovely and passionate. I think of myself as being clever but harmless. I am supporting, caring and have a loyal and tolerant character, humble, honest, understanding and truthful. i'm a very passionate, physical person that would want the same in a mate, deeply romantic, optimistic, hopeful, wise, & smart, I have a big honest heart and don't like being lied to.
Been on this planet well past a half century. 1st Cav 9th BGD [FT] "Death From Above" πŸ’€ Army Air Corp "Air Mobile Handle" Dagger-21" I Follow All (((Patriots))) & here to share and Red Pill All Who Need ((Real Time)) QAnon Updates I've subbed those that made me smile, or made this platform worth coming back to. Again, It's That Important ((I)) Follow All Patriots & Hope You Do The Same. This Is More Than A Principle, It's About πŸ’™ Love Of God, Family, Country & Tradition "I'm Only Here For A Minute" So Be Quick 😏 #WWG1WGA #QAnon #QArmy #KAG2020 #TheGreatAwakening 🐸 My original page title is 1st Cav 9th BGD "Air Mobil" Bravo3XRay.
50 years as a human. 21 years hands-on humans in medicine. 11 years dreaming of new paradigms that are honest, loving, effective, compassionate and fair. 3 years dreaming of artistic ways to inspire. The only question that I ask myself every day- " How can I help and/or inspire as many people as possible?" I want to leave this life with nothing on the table left to give.
atheist because I have no convincing evidence of a god. Anti-theist because I have a ton of evidence that religion harms mankind.
Tauranga, New Zealand
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Oct 2018
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