I am an American living in Taiwan and teaching English here when I am not working on my writing. Although I do offer my creations through a local website: www.pubu.com.tw ; I don't normally sale through Amazon.com. I prefer a subscription type arrangement via www.patreon.com/timbullins whereas for just a dollar a month subscribers will receive EVERYTHING I write or produce. I also use ganxy.com on my homepage - www.timbullins.com I am also on WordPress if you want to subscribe there too. 😎 

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You are what you eat and think

Sưu tầm các câu nói hay truyền lửa, truyền nghị lực sống có ích nhé các bạn thân yêu.

Mycologist who specializes in psilocybin mushrooms while also actively practices cultivation of cannabis. provides interesting content, facts and topics around Cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms. memeoligist on the side! *** No items for sale here, just content*** ----- Follow me ----- twitter.com/mycbud Instagram.com/mycbud

Trending news, life hacks, funny stories, myth busters and quizzes. There is also a dedicated section for in-detail reads which are comparatively detailed content.

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