Vy Nguyen

Hi there! Welcome to my channel. My name is Vy and I'm an energy healer living in Brussels, Belgium. I'll share content on all things esoteric, mystic, energetic, cosmic, healing, etc, both from me and from others. If you like any of it, give me a follow, a comment or a direct message and I'll gladly reply. Enjoy! Intuitive Energy & Sound Healer Blue Crystal Storm Chi Nei Tsang * Jikiden Reiki * Sound Healing Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls Crystal Healing

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Alternative health brings you mother nature's approach to wellness. Our underlying principles cover healthy diets, weight loss, fitness, stress management as well as pain management. Let's educate you about health, what your family needs, and support your body's capacity to heal so that you can avoid and minimize the risk of illness in the future. Let's get into it!

Nov 2018
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